Commercial Bus Service Permits - Guidelines for Operators

Closes 23 Sep 2021

Opened 26 Aug 2021


The Commercial Bus Service Permit (”Service Permit”) system is administered by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI). The aim of the Service Permit system is to enable private bus operators to identify gaps in the public transport network in Northern Ireland (NI) and to provide that service under a Service Permit. These type of services are designed to complement the main public transport network delivered by Translink.

The Guidelines for Operators seeks to provide current and potential Service Permit holders with the information they require in order to apply for and maintain their Service Permit.

Why your views matter

This consultation is to seek your views on the Draft Guidelines for Bus Operators which are being updated from the previous version first published in October 2015 when the Service Permit system began.

Before completing this consultation, you will need to read the Draft Guidelines for Bus Operators provided at the bottom of this page.  There will be room to provide feedback on each section of the Draft Guidelines within the consultation.

If you are unable to complete the consultation online, please contact us at the details on the right.


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