Miscarriage Leave and Pay Consultation

Closes 19 Dec 2022

About this consultation

Purpose of this consultation

This consultation seeks to inform the public about the Department’s intention to incorporate miscarriage leave and pay into the entitlements which came into force in Northern Ireland following the introduction of the Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations on 6 April 2022.  We are seeking views from individuals and organisations on these provisions by posing a number of specific questions.

Enquiries to:

To be opened by the addressee only:

Miscarriage Leave and Pay Consultation Team

Department for the Economy

Adelaide House

39-49 Adelaide Street

Belfast, BT2 8FD

Email: MLPconsultation@economy-ni.gov.uk

Web: https://www.economy-ni.gov.uk/miscarriage-leave-pay

This consultation is relevant to: workers, employees and employers; groups representing workers, employees and employers; groups involved in bereavement care; and legal, HR and payroll professionals.

The consultation will open for responses on 24 October 2022 for an 8 week period. Responses should be received no later than 5pm on 19 December 2022.

Consultation Process

If you have any complaints about the consultation process (as opposed to comments about the issues which are the subject of the consultation) please address them to the Miscarriage Leave and Pay Consultation Team at MLPconsultation@economy-ni.gov.uk or to the Departmental Complaints Officer at DfEmail@economy-ni.gov.uk. Details of the Department’s Complaint Process can be found at:

Customer Service Complaints Procedure

Impact Assessments

Equality screening, Regulatory and Rural Impact Assessments have been conducted for this policy proposal. Currently we do not anticipate the policy to result in any adverse impacts for any of the section 75 categories or those who live in rural areas. If any potential issues are raised as part of this consultation process, we will review our impact assessments at that stage and amend if required.

Our initial regulatory impact assessment will be reviewed at regulation drafting stage when we can assess in more detail the regulatory impact of the policy proposal.

The Equality and Regulatory documents are available on the Department for the Economy website.