Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland: Consultation on Policy Options

Closes 30 Jun 2021

Opened 31 Mar 2021


Purpose of this consultation:

We are developing a new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland. We are consulting on policy options to achieve a decarbonised energy future for Northern Ireland. 

This builds on the evidence received and the key issues identified through the Call for Evidence process, which took place in 2020.   

This consultation can be completed by anyone who:

  • lives in Northern Ireland, or
  • belongs to an organisation or company that operates in Northern Ireland, or has a remit here

If a respondent is an individual acting in a private capacity, and they choose to submit their name (this is not mandatory, it can be completed anonymously), they should indicate whether or not they wish their name to be withheld or disclosed when responding.

If you do not respond to this consent question, we will assume you do not give your consent and your name will not be published. 

For any stakeholders responding to the consultation, please read our privacy notice.

Why we are consulting

We are consulting to take your views on:

  • a strategic framework for a new Energy Strategy;
  • potential pathways to meeting our objectives; and
  • a range of potential policy options currently being considered. 

Whilst DfE is leading on the development of the Energy Strategy, the options put forward in this consultation draw on all the evidence gathered to date and represent the views of a range of government departments that are involved in this work programme.

The input provided through this consultation, alongside further evidence gathered in the coming months, will collectively inform the policies that will be included within a new Energy Strategy. We plan to put in place a new Energy Strategy by the end of 2021.


  • All stakeholders


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