Draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland

Closed 20 Mar 2023

Opened 9 Jan 2023


We are consulting on the draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland which aims to transition our Linear Economy to a Circular Economy, where business, people and planet flourish. Adopting a circular mindset throughout society and business will be essential to a successful transition. This draft Circular Economy Strategy is a key enabler of the Department for the Economy's 10X economic vision for a decade of innovation, facilitating a sustainable, innovative and inclusive approach to economic growth, making the most of  new opportunities and possibilities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We especially want to hear from those across industry, education and the public sector who will be vital in making the change happen, as well as private individuals who we want to embrace this change.

Why your views matter

We want you to tell us if we have accurately assessed the situation and if our proposals are right to kick start the transition to a truly Circular Economy, using a whole system approach. Feedback from this consultation will inform the final Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland and help to shape the design, remit and function of future delivery.

Before you submit a response, please read the Privacy Notice published along with the Consultation Documents, which explains how we will use personal information as part of the processing of responses.


  • Anyone from any background


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