Sign Language Partnership Group Application for Funding 2022/2023

Closed 25 Jul 2022

Opened 4 Jul 2022


The Department for Communities (DfC) is inviting applications for funding from its Sign Language Partnership Group (SLPG) fund.

The DfC invites applications from all organisations which are focused on the promotion of respect, understanding and tolerance towards the Deaf community in Northern Ireland.

Why your views matter

The Sign Language Partnership Group (SLPG) was established as a forum to bring together the Departments and key organisations representing the Deaf community to improve access to public services for members of the Deaf sign language community. The role of chairing the Partnership and providing secretariat falls to DfC as the Department with the policy remit of promoting indigenous languages.

Before making an application for funding you are advised to read the ‘SLPG Funding Criteria and Guidance Notes 2022/23’ which are available at

Applications for funding are open to all groups which meet the criteria set out in Paragraph 2 of the SLPG Funding Criteria and Guidance Notes. Applications must clearly demonstrate how your project will contribute to the aims, objectives and priorities of the SLPG, which in turn play an important role in helping the Department achieve the outcomes of a more equal society and a society that supports everyone to achieve their full potential, removing barriers and blockages. The SLPG priorities are listed in paragraph 1 of the SLPG Funding Criteria and Guidance Notes 2022/23


  • Anyone from any background


  • Public Spending