Warm Well Connected Return 161220

Closes 16 Dec 2022

Opened 17 Dec 2020


Welcome to the Finance Support Warm Well Connected Return service.  This facility is for the use of the Advice Sector acting on behalf of people in Northern Ireland only.

Please use the referral to update Discretionary support on vouchers/Whitegood items that have been provided to a claimant by Warm Well Connected . This return  referral can be used to inform Discretionary support of the following:

  • If Warm Well Connected have provided a voucher for fuel to a claimant.
  • If Warm Well Connected have provided whitegoods to a claimant.
  • If Warm Well Connected have provided both a voucher for fuel and whitegoods to a claimant

If you encounter any issues with the referral service please contact Clare Mooney 02894441080. 

Why we are consulting

Finance Support wishes to provide a secure facility to recieve information from Warm Well connected advice line who are assisting people in Northern Ireland.

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