Deferring School Starting Age Consultation

Closes 4 Jan 2022

Opened 9 Nov 2021


This consultation relates to the age a child should start statutory education in Year One of primary school. It seeks views on proposals to introduce flexibility in school starting age for the youngest children in the year group born between 1 April and 1 July. It also seeks views on how the proposal will impact the pre-school provision for deferred children. These views will help to inform policy development on this issue in due course.

A full copy of the consultation document and online response form are provided in the survey link below.

Why your views matter

The Department's policy position is not finalised, and therefore the Department welcomes your views on the policy options and questions outlined within this consultation. Your views are important to us, as they will inform, shape and improve final policy proposals and changes to the law on this important issue.

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