Every Child: Department of Education's Draft Corporate Plan 2023-28

Closed 15 Nov 2022

Opened 20 Sep 2022


The Department of Education is seeking views on its draft 2023-2028 Corporate Plan.

The Corporate Plan will set our strategic focus over the next five years and, working in partnership with stakeholders, it will help us make a difference and improve outcomes for children and young people.

In developing this Plan, we engaged with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to get their views on how we could best improve these outcomes. 

In addition to this, we also considered the wide range of commitments the Department has across strategies such as the Programme for Government draft Outcomes Framework, the Consolidated Covid-19 Recovery Plan, the Children and Young People Strategy, A Fair Start and The New Decade, New Approach.   

This work has helped us develop a draft vision, supported by five Strategic Priorities which set out what we will aim to do. We also outline how we will take forward our work, under four Enabling Priorities. This consultation will ask you how you feel about the draft vision, priorities and strategic direction and give you the opportunity to comment on them.


Our proposed vision is one which aims to have an outward focus on children and young people, seek to develop skills – academic and otherwise – and also provide broader support for wellbeing and as a foundation for life.

Draft Vision:

Every child and young person is happy, learning and ready to succeed

Draft Strategic Priorities and Enablers:

We propose five Strategic Priorities that will help guide the Department towards achieving this Vision. These are:

  • CHAMPIONING all our children and young people and the positive impact of education on all aspects of life
  • HELPING all our children and young people where they need support for their learning and well-being
  • INSPIRING all our children and young people to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Meeting the LEARNING needs of our children and young people and developing their knowledge and skills, enabling them to fulfil their potential.
  • DELIVERING an effective, child-focused, collaborative, high-quality education system.

Underpinning the Strategic Priorities are enablers that describe how the Department will achieve the desired outcomes. These are:

  • COLLABORATING – Partnering with our stakeholders to support co-production and achievement of shared outcomes.
  • OPTIMISING – Prioritising, modernising and making most efficient use of our resources to achieve the greatest impact, including stopping or changing activities that don’t make the difference we want.
  • RESPONDING – Addressing the long term impacts of the pandemic and other emerging challenges and needs faced by our children and young people and the education workforce.
  • ENGAGING – Communicating and consulting with our stakeholders to help shape our future services.

Equality and Rural Screening

As set-out in the Department of Education’s Equality Scheme, and in order to comply with the Rural Needs Act (Northern Ireland) 2016, the draft Corporate Plan has been subject to an Equality Screening.

The documents indicate that there are no adverse impacts in relation to the policy proposals.  As part of this consultation, we welcome any comments on the Equality Screening.

Why your views matter

We want to give everyone with an interest in education the opportunity to have a say and influence the final Corporate Plan. Your feedback will help us focus on what matters most in delivering outcomes for children and young people in Northern Ireland.


  • Invitation to online information session

    From 2 Nov 2022 at 12:00 to 2 Nov 2022 at 13:00

    As part of our public consultation an information session about the Department’s ‘Every Child’ draft Corporate Plan 2023-2028 is being held on Wednesday 2 November at 12 noon via Webex and will last approximately one hour. It will provide an opportunity to hear more about our draft Plan and what it means for you. Places are still available. If you are interested in attending, please email DEcorporateplan@education-ni.gov.uk. and you will be sent a link to join the session. If you have any questions please also send these by email to the same address.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Higher Education
  • Part-time Study
  • Postgraduate Study
  • Inspection
  • Primary Education
  • Post-Primary Education
  • European Research and Innovation funding.
  • Pre-school Education
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Youth Sector and Youth Services
  • Further Education
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