Digital Transformation Strategy 2019

Closed 28 Feb 2019

Opened 11 Jan 2019


You are being asked for your views and input into the creation of EA’s Digital Transformation and ICT Strategies.

Addressing how EA can meet its key Digital Transformation Principles, the strategies will also include and address:

  • A digital readiness and maturity assessment against international benchmarks to ensure EA’s current digital profile is understood and provide a baseline for digital transformation;
  • The factors and enablers helping drive digitisation within EA and its stakeholders;
  • An assessment of barriers impacting digitisation within EA and its stakeholders;
  • Identify the capabilities required to increase digital maturity within EA and deliver digital transformation at an accelerated pace;
  • A timeline/roadmap for digital and ICT capability improvement
  • Financial challenges facing the Education Sector;
  • The challenges of moving from a regional infrastructure to an EA wide approach;
  • Emerging technologies;
  • Growing demand for ICT services against ongoing budget reductions;
  •  Potential In-sector and cross-sector initiatives;
  • Cyber Security and the potential for information losses; and
  • Ever growing demand for accurate, real-time information.


  • Academic staff
  • Non-academic staff


  • Primary Education
  • Post-Primary Education
  • ICT
  • Digital development