Review of the Pilot Exchange between WMU and KAS

Closed 1 Nov 2019

Opened 7 Oct 2019


It is recognised by both CAFRE and WMU that agricultural practices are having a significant impact on the aquatic environment. There is a need for WMU to work along with Knowledge Advisory Staff (KAS) to develop key messages that KAS advisors can take to the agricultural sector to help to address the impact the industry is having on water quality.

During 2019, from January to July two Higher Scientific Officers (HSOs) from WMU worked alongside staff from the Water Quality Team in Sustainable Land Management Branch within KAS during a 6 month pilot, one day per week based at CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus.  The aim was to develop a targeted water quality improvement programme   for KAS advisors to use in their dealings with the agricultural sector

Why We Are Consulting

The pilot came to an end in July 2019 and WMU and KAS now wish to review the pilot to identify the lessons learnt and consider if participants and management deemed it was successful in improving awareness of water quality issues and cooperation between WMU and KAS. The review will also make recommendations on whether or not the exchange should be repeated within either WMU or other parts of NIEA.

You were either directly or indirectly involved in the pilot, and your views will help to inform the review and recommendations. Please complete the attached questionnaire (15 questions) and provide any information or comments on the outcomes of the project that would help to redesign any further programme, if the overall concept is deemed useful.


  • All DAERA Staff


  • Environment