Survey of the Certification of Exports from Wholesale-Distribution (to Retailers and Caterers) Sector

Closed 30 Aug 2019

Opened 5 Aug 2019


This survey aims to collect information in relation to businesses which distribute food to the Retail and Catering Sector in the Republic of Ireland. It only concerns foods containing Products of Animal Origin (POAO) such as:

  • fresh meat and offal
  • game and poultry
  • minced meat, meat preparations such as fresh sausages and hamburgers
  • meat products such as cooked meat and ham
  • composite products containing meat
  • fish, shellfish and fish products
  • Milk and dairy products
  • composite products which contain 50% or more processed dairy product, eggs or milk
  • composite products which contain 50% or less dairy, eggs or fish, and which are not shelf-stable
  • animal protein for human consumption
  • processed pet food or raw material for pet food production
  • lard and rendered fats
  • animal casings
  • eggs and egg products
  • bones, bone products, gelatine, and
  • honey

Bulk exports of meat, fishery product, raw milk, dairy, processed eggs and animal by-products are outside the scope of this survey. 

Before completion of the questionnaire, please consider the requirements for exporting in the event of a no-deal EU exit - available HERE

Why We Are Consulting

DAERA anticipate a significant increase in demand for export certification. This survey will help us to support and signpost businesses to the appropriate services after the EU exit. We will use the data collected to:

  1. Assess potential demands for certification;
  2. Assess business preparedness; and
  3. Assist businesses to plan.

On receipt of the completed questionnaires DAERA is planning for further engagement with businesses. Data provided will also be collated to provide a clear overview of sectoral needs to inform decision-makers and negotiators in DAERA and other UK government Departments.


The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs takes the privacy of all of the data you provide seriously. Any data which you provide will be stored securely, will only be processed where there is a legal basis to do so and will only be shared externally where it is appropriate to do so. For further information and access to the full DAERA Privacy Statement, please go to: DAERA Privacy Statement.


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