Northern Ireland Environmental Statistics Consultation

Closed 17 Nov 2017

Opened 6 Oct 2017


The Northern Ireland environmental statistics report is an annual compendium publication which covers a range of environmental indicators under eight key themes: demography and public opinion, air and climate, water, marine, land, biodiversity, built heritage and waste. 

It is a National Statistics report and is intended to be the first reference point for a range of environmental indicators and will provide, where available, annual updates on the indicators contained within it.  It is of both public and academic interest and provides a valuable resource across government for the development and evaluation of government strategies.

Its role in government strategies is part of the reason why we are consulting on this report.  There are 5 environmental measures contained within the proposed Programme for Government (PfG) 2016-2021 and the NI environmental statistics report is the source for three of these measures, namely air quality, water quality and biodiversity.  The remaining two measures, greenhouse gas emissions and household waste recycling, are contained within the NI environmental statistics report but also have their own separate statistical publications.  It is our intention to incorporate all the PfG measures into the NI environmental statistics report.  We are also using this opportunity to review the report, adding any new and relevant indicators and removing any indicators that are no longer relevant or cannot be updated.

More detail on the proposed changes and additional indicators to incorporate the Programme for Government measures can be viewed on the DAERA website:


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