DAERA Environmental Organisations Innovation Survey 2019-2020

Closes 6 Jun 2021

Opened 28 Apr 2021


Purpose of this survey:

DAERA is undertaking a survey to collect information about innovation undertaken across all areas within its remit between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020. This includes agri-food, environment and rural affairs. You have been asked to complete this survey as a representative of an organisation with an interest in the natural environment in Northern Ireland.

To enable us to compare organisations with varying levels of innovation activities, we ask you to respond to all questions, unless otherwise instructed. Your response to this voluntary survey is of great value to DAERA and is appreciated.

Will the information I give be treated as confidential?

This information will be securely stored and treated as confidential. The information collected will only be used for the purpose stated above (as set out in the DAERA Privacy Notice) in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation.  Although we ask you to enter your unique survey code to complete this survey, we will only use this to add information in relation to your organisation, for example, environmental sector. The resulting dataset will be made anonymous before any analysis is published.

Who should complete this survey?

The survey should be completed by the person responsible for the daily management of the business or organisation.

Why we are consulting

Innovation is at the heart of government policy. Going forward innovation will be essential to address key societal and environmental issues including dealing with climate change and ensuring sustainable food production, whilst adapting to the further technological transformations that will impact us all.   

DAERA is in the final stages of developing an Innovation Strategy to direct how it will support and develop innovation activities within DAERA and across the areas within its remit. Completion of this survey will help us to develop our policies and target our resources to best effect.

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