E&I Programme Customer Satisfaction Survey

Closed 18 Sep 2020

Opened 17 Jul 2020


You are invited to complete this consultation which assesses policy leads experience with the E&I programme.  The aim is to help both DAERA and AFBI understand where most value is being provided, and where any issues are occurring.

Responses from this survey will be used to drive improvements in Research & Development delivery for the Evidence & Innovation Strategy. AFBI will be provided with general feedback on DAERA’s overall satisfaction with delivery of E&I projects in the past year. No specific feedback, on a project by project basis, will be provided to AFBI. We ask that policy leads with multiple projects complete individual surveys for each project, however, given time pressures with the current COVID-19 situation, we can accept one survey for multiple projects but ask that you please give project specific feedback in the boxes provided

What happens next

Thank you for your interest in this consultation, you will be contacted in due course with the results of the consultation