Application for The Potato (Coronavirus, Income Support) Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2020

Closes 30 Sep 2020

Opened 9 Sep 2020


This application is for eligible potato growers to provide documentary evidence to demonstrate the scale of loss incurred.

Total Covid 19 Support Funding will be limited to State Aid maximum of €120,000 per farm business.

There is funding of up to £1.6m available to eligible farm businesses who specialise in supplying potatoes for processing to meet food service and hospitality industry needs. This funding will help offset losses caused by the closure of these market outlets during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Support will be a payment per ton based on the loss in value of eligible potatoes during the period 17 March to 31 July 2020.

Losses will be calculated as the difference between the reference price (£200/t) and sale price if sold at a loss, or residual value (stock feed value of £30/t) if still in store from 22 July 2020.

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  • Any person wilfully making a false statement in support of this application may be disqualified.
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Reasonable Adjustment

Please contact us if you require any reasonable adjustments to enable you to complete this application.


You MUST 'Submit' your application by midnight 30th September 2020.


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