Environmental Impact Assessment ERA20/21-89

Closed 3 Jun 2021

Opened 7 May 2021


Reference - ERA20/21-89

Project Type - Afforestation

Location - Collinward, Belfast

Grid Ref - J 31850 80300

Area - 57 hectares

Project description - Creation of a new native woodland

Opinion - Not relevant.

The new native woodland will complement the existing semi-natural grassland and heathland priority habitats and contribute significantly to biodiversity within this locality.

Variable tree spacing coupled with creating integral open space within the planted area will help protect localised hot-spots of biodiversity.

The design of this project will follow the contours of the hill avoiding the upper slopes, will link to a significant area of mature broadleaved woodland and will enhance the local landscape.



  • All stakeholders


  • Agriculture
  • Environment