European Innovation Partnership - Stage 1 Application Form

Closes 27 Apr 2020

Opened 30 Mar 2020


Important Information

  • This form is for submitting an application for European Innovation Partnership Stage 1 funding
  • Please read the EIP Guidance Notes for Applications on the CAFRE website before completing this application form
  • Please complete each section of the form
  • If you wish to save the information you have entered and complete the form at a later date then you can select the "save and come back later" button at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and will be sent an electronic link by email that will allow you to return to your part-completed form. Please note that In order to use the 'Save and return' link, respondents will need to have completed any 'required' answer fields on that page.
  • Once you have completed all sections of the form then select the "Submit Response" button on the final page. If you provide an email address at this stage you will be sent a receipt and a link to a PDF copy of your completed form
  • A full EIP Scheme Brochure is available to download on the CAFRE website. If you have any other queries about the scheme or the application process please contact the Scheme Administrator using the contact details on this page.
  • If lead applicants do not have a Category 1 or 2 Business Number, they can find out more information here.  To apply for a Category 2 Busineess Number please complete this form.  You should state this has been applied for in your application.
  • To help you collate all the information you will require to complete the application, a full list of all the questions in the application form is available to download here.


  • All stakeholders


  • Agriculture