2018 Review: Revised Proposals Report

Closed 26 Mar 2018

Opened 30 Jan 2018


The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland is an independent and impartial public body which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland and making recommendations to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland every five years.  The Commission is currently carrying out the 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies and has published its Revised Proposals for comment.

This online consultation should be read alongside the Revised Proposals Report which sets out the rationale for the proposed new constituencies.  This is the last opportunity to submit comments on the 2018 Review.



Why We Are Consulting

The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland (the Commission) is an independent and impartial non-departmental body constituted under the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 as amended by the Boundary Commissions Act 1992 and the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011.  The legislation sets out the rules by which the Commission must conduct its review and requires the Commission to inform the public about any proposed changes. For the 2018 Review there will be a reduction in the number of constituencies in Northern Ireland (from 18 to 17). 

The review process is informed by public consultation. The Commission undertook an Iniital Consultation on its Provisional Proposals from September to November 2016 which included a series of public hearings. A Secondary Consultation was held in September 2017 which sought comments on the submissions received during the Initial Consulation including the public hearings transcripts.  Links to evidence received to date can be found below under 'Related'.

In light of the evidence collected during the Initial and Secondary Consultations, the Commission has produced Revised Proposals for the Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland. This latest and final consultation seeks views from the public on these Revised Proposals.

The Commission will consider all representations received during this 8 week consultation period.  There will be no public hearings during this consultation.



Further information:

Guide to the 2018 Review

Revised Proposals Report

Revised Proposals - Interactive Map

Revised Proposals Map (PDF)

What Happens Next

The Commission will take into account any written representations received on the Revised Proposals and decide whether any further changes are required.  If the Commission decides to modify its Revised Proposals before submitting them to the Secretary of State, the Final Recommendations will be published for information.  There will be no further public consultation.


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