2018 Review: Secondary Consultation

Closed 2 Oct 2017

Opened 5 Sep 2017


The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland (the Commission) is an independent and impartial public body which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland and making recommendations to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland every five years.  The Commission is currently carrying out the 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies and is now entering a secondary consultation period.

The responses received during the Commission’s initial consultation period are the subject of this secondary consultation.

Why We Are Consulting

The review process is informed by public consultations. This secondary consultation seeks views and comments on the responses received during our initial consultation period. You may find it helpful to consider the Provisional Proposals Report alongside these responses.

The Commission will consider all representations received during the initial and secondary consultation periods. Following these considerations the Commission may decide to amend its Provisional Proposals. Should that occur the Commission will publish Revised Proposals in early 2018 and seek written responses from the public during a further 8 week consultation period.


Further information:

Provisional Proposals - Guide

Provisional Proposals - Report

Provisional Proposals - Maps

What Happens Next

On completion of the secondary consultation period, the Commission will consider all representations received, the records of the public hearings and any scrutiny comments concerning representations made. Following this, it may make amendments to the Provisional Proposals and publish the resulting Revised Proposals for further public consultation in early 2018.

The consultation period for the Revised Proposals will be 8 weeks. Hard copies of the Revised Proposals will be available for scrutiny in the same public display points used for the Provisional Proposals consultation. There will not be any public hearings in connection with the Revised Proposals and only written representations on the Revised Proposals will be considered.


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